The Band

Engine14 was launched in December 2002 when four work colleagues ---Rob (drums), Jeff (lead and rhythm guitars), Jerry (bass), and Dave (lead vocals, rhythm and lead guitar)---formed the band.  Job reassignments in 2003 and 2004 took away Jerry and Dave, but in early 2005, Jeff and Rob found Stan to play bass, and Patrick for lead vocals and rhythm guitar. The new foursome played their first gig in June 2005 and went on to perform a dozen more times over the next year. In July 2006, a job transfer moved Stan to Houston, so Gary joined to play bass for us.  After a great year with E14, Gary moved on, and in stepped John to cover bass.  John played with the band for three years, before he stepped down in August, 2010.  Engine14 added Alec on keyboards in October, 2010, followed almost immediately by Harry on bass.  After 7 solid years, Patrick left the band in October, 2012, followed by in December by Alec.  Harry then decided to retire, but 2013 was off to a good start as Nandan stepped up to take over lead vocal responsibilities, while Arnold signed on as the band's bass player.
Bios for the guys:

Jeff Lead guitar and vocals

Jeff is the founding member of the band, which takes its name from Jeff's experience as a volunteer firefighter, Emergency Medical Technician, and Assistant Chief with Company 14 (Burke) of the Fairfax County, Virginia, Fire and Rescue Department. He joined the Department at the age of 16, and remained an active member until a job transfer in 1999 took him to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Jeff remains a Life Member of the Department.

Jeff first learned to play guitar in Geneva, Switzerland, where attended the International School. After acquiring his first electric guitar, a used sparkle-green solid-body Framus, Jeff played from time to time with other aspiring would-be rock stars at school, performing occasionally when opportunities arose. His primary guitar influence during that formative period was Alvin Lee of Ten Years After.  As an undergraduate at the College of William and Mary, he played in the band Spellbound, performing Top 40 material full-time during summer vacations at bars, hotel lounges, restaurants, and NCO Clubs on military bases. Then came law school at the American University, followed by full-time employment, and job transfers to Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Milwaukee, and back to D.C.  Jeff's recreational pursuits include riding his red Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring motorcycle.

Rob Drums and vocals

Rob keeps us on beat with his Slingerland acoustic drum set and with his Yamaha electronic drums. Rob has thoroughly enjoyed music as an outlet, and particularly the friendships he's developed with musicians over the years. During college days at Millersville University (MU), Rob played in the Jazz band. He had some great drumming teachers, including time spent with Tony DeNicola, former drummer for legendary big band leader Harry James. In addition to DeNicola, Rob's list of favorite drummers include Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, Peter Erskine (former drummer for Maynard Ferguson), Jim Chapin (author of the book Advanced Techniques for the Modern Drummer), and former Chicago drummer Danny Seraphine.

Arnold  Bass and vocals

Self taught and playing mostly by ear, Arnold has been playing on and off for about 30 years. He played for a short stint with a rock band while serving in the Army, and most recently with the band "Tactical Advantage" before deciding to form Mean Baby and then joining Engine14, as well.  More recently, with Mean Baby being on indefinite hiatus, Arnold formed a new band, BBW, to focus on R&B and funk.  Arnold has played a number of basses over the years but is partial to Carvin bass guitars. His current line-up includes a modified Fender jazz built on a Mexican frame, a modified Fender Precession bass, a Carvin SB5000, and a five string LonnyBass (custom build) that is his weapon of choice.  At any given time, he'll have one or more additional basses which he couldn't resist - the latest being a Rickenbacker and now a Music Man. 

Arnold's influences on bass include Thomas "T-Bone" Wolk, James Jamerson, Stanley Clarke, Victor Wooten, Geddy Lee, Chris Squire, and too many more to list.

In addition to their association in the band, Jeff and Rob and Arnold are former professional colleagues.

Nandan  Lead and harmony vocals, and acoustic rythm guitar

Nandan has been active on the Northern Virginia music scene for some time, working with a number of others in what he likes to refer to as various impermanent "alignments" - their compositions shift often, depending upon each player's availability.  Nandan plays a Breedlove acoustic/electric guitar, provides most of our lead vocals, and writes original music, too.