PA System

The PA system is primarily for vocals. It consists of the PA amplifier, speakers, monitors, and microphones.

For many years, the band relied on Jeff's trusty Behringer PMH880S powered PA head and Peavey SP12M floor monitors for rehearsals.  In loading gear for a recent gig, while carrying the monitors upstairs from the secret Engine14 subterreanean practice studio, Jeff was reminded that each of those speakers weighs 48 lbs.  The next weekend, the monitors and PA were off to a new home, courtesy of Craig's List, and Jeff began researching lightweight, even higher quality replacements.  A Peavey PV10 10-channel mixer and a pair of Electro-Voice ZxA1 800-watt powered PA speakers now support the band's rehearsals.  The ZxA1s provide great vocal clarity, and are used as floor monitors during gigs. 

Nandan now supplies most of the PA gear used at Engine14 gigs, including subwoofers when needed to supplment the usual front-of-house main speakers.